Repairs & Services

Our expert team of professional jewellers is delighted to provide free quotations for any work that you may require to be carried out. Our services include:


Bespoke manufacturing - working closely with you at every stage of the manufacturing process, our expert jewellers will transform your initial ideas through sketches to models and finally the finished pieces.


Remodelling and remounting - partial reconstruction, complete remodelling or rebuilding antique pieces; our jewellers have a wealth of experience to suit your requirements.


Ring sizing and reshanking - adjustments to finger sizes or complete replacement of the worn shank of your ring.


Reclawing - the tiny claws holding your precious gems in place will become worn over time, a free health check can ascertain any reclawing requirements and prevent loss of stones.


Stone replacement and repolishing - whatever the size, quality or value of your gemstone our jewellers, diamond cutters and lapidarists are available to provide free quotations for replacement of lost stones or where possible, repolishing of scratched or damaged stones.


Hand & seal engraving - hand engraving is more than personalising your jewellery, itís creating an heirloom to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Using tiny hand held scribes our engraver will elegantly carve your special inscription, name, date or family crest into your chosen item of jewellery.


Stringing - our comprehensive stringing service includes pearls and most types of coloured gem stones and beads. With over 30 years experience we are happy to advise on styles, materials and clasp replacement.


Valuations - the rising cost of precious metals and gemstones underlines the importance of ensuring that your jewellery has adequate insurance cover. Our recommendation is to update your valuation at least once every three years. Should you suffer a loss our valuations department is on hand to provide post loss assessments for any items without a current valuation. We also offer a probate valuation service.

All work is carried out at our in-house workshop located at our Fleet Street showroom (some specialist services i.e. lapidary, engraving etc will be undertaken at offsite workshops). Please drop in to either of our showrooms where our staff will be happy to accept items for repair or enquiries for our bespoke service. Appointments are not necessary.


We treat all items left with us for repair, quotation or valuation with extreme care and are happy to confirm that they are fully insured against loss or damage.


Repairs by Post
For your convenience our workshop (30 Fleet Street London EC4Y 1AA) is happy to accept items by post (Royal Mail Special Delivery will insure items up to £2500). You will be contacted to confirm charges before any work is carried out. We endeavour to return all repairs within 10 working days. Items will be returned using Royal Mail Special Delivery. Full payment will be required prior to despatch.